Liebster Award Nomination 2018

I am pleased to be nominated for the 2018 Liebster Award, recognizing new blogs. As described by The Global Aussie, the Liebster award is an internet based award established in 2011. It’s mission is to  inspire the blogging community to discover new blogs and nominate fellow bloggers who deserve to be recognized.

I found out I had been nominated with this message from a fellow blogger who I follow on Instagram.

“Hi, Verla – I’ve just subscribed to your blog, after following your beautiful photos on Instagram! You have an amazing story. …. I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award for bloggers. I am not sure how long you’ve been blogging, but if you’re interested in following up on this, here’s my blog, at Have a great night! Vicky Wilson “

Vicky at, generous and to the point.  I look forward to Vicky’s instagram and blog posts. Her photos are of scrumptious and nutritious recipes – all set in her warm country kitchen in Oregon. Uplifting. Follow her blog and be prepared to feel very good. Every day.

These are her questions and my answers:

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging when I found out that I had Systemic Lupus (SLE). I had the typical red rash all over my face, sores and bald patches on my scalp, stiff and painful joints. I was not well.

After the diagnosis, I noticed that whenever I sat, wandered, walked, skied, or cycled near trees, all my worries fell away. Every time. I felt  physically well. My lupus symptoms became manageable or went away (my hair is back, no rashes, no stiffness). And more, I began to notice I was actually feeling well…and happy.

I wanted to help others rediscover this free mindset. I started researching and found that trees are a natural pharmacy. I was hooked.

What are the main benefits you have derived from your blog?

I do the “being close to trees” research, focusing on rigorous clinical trials, to keep me inspired and believing that I can manage systemic Lupus and Raynaud’s.  Writing it down and translating the science cements the health benefits of being near trees in my mind. Writing the blog motivates to get  me outside to the trees.

Have you ever felt frustrated by not achieving your blog goals and thought about shutting it down?

Blogging is difficult, mostly unpaid work. Every day, every hour I simultaneously want to: 1)  quit and 2)  keep my blog going forever. Like my blogging colleagues, we have invested so much time and energy in our blogs, we just refuse to quit.

What advice would you give a beginner blogger?

Blogging is not a quick earning scheme.  There are up front financial investments.   Be prepared that at first, it will take time to build up your followers. You have to want to keep going in spite of this.

Do you ever feel your blog interferes with time spent with your friends/family/spouse?

Yes it does. Recently my friends were outside and saw the rare and startling sight of a sky wide  Manitoba sundog (a stunning trick the sun plays with light in the frigid cold).  I was inside writing a blog on why people should go outside. On the other hand, my loved ones see the health results. They see a healthy me because of a healthy tree. And they know this blog is a good thing.

What do you love most about your blog and blogging?

Before I started to blog, I had no idea what function bloggers provided. Nor did I care. Now I know, because I read their blogs – because they read mine. Bloggers are experts in what they care deeply about. They give you the straight goods. Yes they promote stuff, but only when they have tested everything else. Bloggers need credibility so they won’t recommend things unless they are really good. That way they get followers. An audience is what this is all about. Now I admire other bloggers and their blogs.

The Next Step

As the Global Aussie website says: “The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. Originally it was given out to blogs with less than 2000 readers but this has slowly lowered as the reward has gained popularity. It is now only 200 readers or less.”

The next step in that nomination is to:

1) nominate other bloggers for the same award (allowed to nominate (5-11) and

2) provide my set of questions for them.

I do not know any of the following bloggers personally.  My 11 nominees are:

Totally Teen Travel Margaret shares wise insights into how to keep teens interested and learning while travelling.  She is a former teacher and knows how to reach teens. Oh and she has at least one of her own to test her theories on.

Feel Good and Travel Vessy is a professional photographer and writer. When you read her blog you will want to go wherever she goes. Right now. And her beautiful blog will guide you. Vessy loves to get outside to trees and nature. Inspiring.

Between The Stumps – Chantal allows you to think about gardening and healthy living in an open way. Her blog is about being healthy, happy and   “living with  what you have.” Enlightened.

Lucky Mojito –   Monica is a working mom with no time who has lazer focus on getting out of debt – while managing her family’s health and wellbeing. You will want to be on the same mission with her.

Holistic Enchilada –  Dee will make you want to live a holistic life on a budget. She has a way of making you believe this is the only way to go. A very good thing.

Nic and Cam – These two sisters are always up to something interesting. And they usually have a new gadget that you have not heard of to go with the adventure.

Lilies and Lightening Bugs – Stephanie describes trips close to Minneapolis  and far away too. She hikes and camps in really nice places. Low key and straight up.

Holes in Your Socks  Rigel is a fine writer and a loving mom with a gentle perspective on life. A warm intelligence.

Boomxscape – Kim is an edgy Boomer who writes about what Millenials think/care about.   Kim was the first blogger to share my post. I was over the moon! Kim and I share the Lupus diagnosis – and a zest for life with our loved ones.

Simply By Charlie – Charlie writes about family, food and fun. She lives in the country. She tells heart warming stories.

A Woman Afoot This blogger is completely new to me. I just discovered her this morning in the process of this award nomination to find a new inspiring blog. Her blog mission says it all: “To inspire other women to leave their dusty offices and go out hiking – solo or in company. No matter the age or fitness level – nature has something for each of us. Let’s hit the trails!” I am a new fan.

Here are my questions for my eleven nominees:

When and why did you start to blog?

Which talent are you most proud of?

What do you appreciate most in your friends?

Where and with who, would you want to spend time outside near trees?

What is your favourite journey?

Have you ever made a snow angel?

Now it is your turn to nominate 5 to11 blogs and give links to their blogs.

When you have posted your answers to these 6 questions on your blog, go to and leave a comment with your blog link.

I would have nominated all my blogging colleagues if I could have. I appreciate each like, comment and share. It all takes time and energy. Thank you.






26 comments on “Liebster Award Nomination 2018

  1. Congratulations Verla on a well deserved nomination! I look forward to reading your encouraging posts and videos on the benefits of being outdoors in nature .

  2. Wow, this is so neat! I’m a new blogger myself, and have never heard of this award. I’m learning new things everyday on this blogging journey. Thanks for sharing this post and about your journey!

  3. Wonderful post, Verla! Thanks for the nomination…I will send you my link very soon! I LOOOVE your passion and love for trees…such a unique blog you have! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your posts. They are well-written and the photography is gorgeous. Your genuine love for the message of healing trees is generated in your writing. 🙂

  5. Verla your blog looks so well established for such a new blog, it’s no wonder you were nominated. I look forward to nominating fellow bloggers. I agree, it can take a lot of time and effort before seeing any money roll in, but it’s a labor of love that most of us can understand. Thank you for nominating me.

  6. Congratulations Verla! You are always supporting me and you deserve this so much! Loved your answers and you’re right we don’t quit 🙂

  7. You were so kind to nominate me. I hope you stick around for a long, long time, Verla! You have such a passion for all things arboreal, and it really shows!

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